Space Misadventures (background & prop designer)
2D animated kids series pilot. Collaborated closely with the art director to design and worldbuild the futuristic elements of the world
Inside of futuristic self-sustaining space colony - Day Outside view of futuristic space colony on earths orbit Bedroom of nerdy 12-year-old boy in a space colony
Inside of futuristic self-sustaining space colony - Night Secret meeting room for a three 12-year-olds living in a space colony
Tag Team (background artist)
2D animated thesis film from SCAD University. Developed techniques and brushes to achieve the effects of the established art direction
Background emphasizes graffiti elements to reinforce the hip-hop aesthetic of the short
Rick and Morty (background artist)
Orignal Adult Swim 2D adult series. Hired by 52 Animation Studio, did aditional backgrounds, from sketch to final colour